FR Skates - SPIN 2023 - Black

FR Skates - SPIN 2023 - Black

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FR SPIN designed to perform freestyle tricks and skate around the city. Equipped with carbon shell and rockerable frame. The FR Spin skates are high quality products, made with Carbon and Fiber glass, at an affordable price.

  • FRAMES Size 35 to 40: FR - SPIN 476 Frames - Black - 231mm (Rockerable Frames)
  • FRAMES Size 41 to 45: FR - SPIN 480 Frames - Black - 243mm (Rockerable Frames)
  • WHEELS Size 35 to 40: FR - Downtown Wheels 76mm/85A - Natural
  • WHEELS Size 41 to 45: FR - Downtown Wheels 80mm/85A - Natural
  • BEARINGS: FR Twincam - MW9 Titalium Freeride
  • LINERS: Integrated
  • INSOLE: FR Premium Insole
  • USE: Freestyle Slalom / All Around Skates.

The range of FR Skates' freestyle slalom skates is primarily focused on delivering top-quality gear, uncompromising skates for champions. However, such excellence comes at a price, particularly when it comes to the absolute best of the best. Recognizing the need for more affordable options, FR Skates introduced the Spin models – a truly reliable pair of freeskates that won't break the bank. In the three years since their introduction, the Spins have become a favorite among fans, offering a similar riding experience to high-end carbon skates at a much lower cost.

The FR Spin boot is designed with integrated padding, as expected in freestyle slalom skates. Its shape ensures a secure fit by locking the heel in place. Once you lace and buckle the skate correctly, you'll be amazed by its responsiveness, as it feels just as good as more expensive models. The insole provides proper arch support, enhancing energy transfer and overall comfort.

The outer skin of the boot is constructed from durable material and reinforced on the sides and toe areas, making it suitable for both urban freeskating and freestyle slalom. The lacing and closure system is what you would expect from skates of this type – a sturdy buckle on the cuff, a ratchet buckle to secure the heel, and a toe strap for improved fit in the front part of the boot. The snug fit of these skates makes them excellent tools for precise maneuvers and high-speed rides.

One of the key differences between the Spin models and the more expensive FR Skates models lies in the shell material. Instead of full carbon, it features a carbon and glass fiber composite. This results in a slightly heavier skate (still relatively light compared to hardboots and plastic composite integrated padding boots), but the rigidity remains excellent while offering a lower price point.

The second noteworthy aspect is the height of the internal shell, which is slightly lower than what is typically found in skates of this type. While this may not be to everyone's taste, there are undoubtedly individuals who will appreciate the added range of movement above the ankle. This feature can be advantageous in speed slalom and beneficial for urban skaters who prefer a lower stance and a stronger, more powerful push. The cuff provides adequate lateral support, ensuring the skate is not lacking in this area. Furthermore, its front-to-back movement action is pleasantly surprising and facilitates wheeling tricks.

The skate is equipped with the R2-R frame, also utilized in the FR2 freeride skate. This sturdy aluminum frame offers an excellent price-to-quality ratio, satisfying even the most demanding skaters. An added bonus is the built-in rockering system, allowing you to adjust the outer axles for better maneuverability (ideal for freestyle slalom) or keep all the wheels at the same level for a more stable ride (suitable for urban skating). Depending on the boot size, the frame measures either 231 mm (for EU35 to EU40 skates) or 243 mm (for EU40 to EU45 skates), making the Spins particularly attractive for skaters with smaller feet. The boot utilizes the standard 165 mm mount spacing and is compatible with many frames designed for this standard.

The Downtown wheels included with the skates are excellent for beginners and rotate smoothly, thanks to the Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride bearings. The wheel size is either 76 mm or 80 mm, depending on the frame length.

The FR Spin 80 is highly recommended for intermediate slalom skaters and anyone seeking an affordable first pair of this type of skate. Freeskaters in search of a lightweight and responsive setup will also find them to be a great choice.

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