Powerslide skates

Powerslide: Revolutionizing Skating Through Innovation

The skating world witnessed a transformative era with the advent of Powerslide, a brand that redefined the essence of effective skating gear. The brainchild of Mathias Knoll, Powerslide's story is as inspiring as its products. Mathias, who had been captivated by inline skating since the tender age of six, faced a tumultuous journey. After completing his college exams in 1988, he was struck by personal tragedy with the loss of his father. This was compounded by an injury that temporarily halted his skating career. However, Mathias’s resilience saw him return to the industry in 1989, balancing competitive racing with developing a business to support himself.

A look back to 1987 reveals a pivotal moment for 17-year-old Mathias, who had just secured two gold trophies and a German title, propelling him into the advanced team. It was during this time that he began selling skating equipment to fellow competitors from his car. The unification of Western and Eastern Germany in 1990 opened new avenues for him to expand his sales.

By the age of 24, Mathias had not only become an expert in skating and its accessories but had also made significant strides in speed skating championships. It was at one such event, the ISPO in Munich, Germany's premier trade show, where Powerslide was first introduced. Tom Peterson's subsequent investment in Powerslide was a pivotal moment, providing both financial support and trademark selection.

The Birth of Powerslide

In 1994, Mathias and his friend Stefan Gohl established Powerslide with the vision of spreading the joy of skating through high-quality, innovative skates and accessories. Catering to a wide range of skating styles and levels, Powerslide's offerings range from racing and fitness skates to aggressive inline, urban skates, off-road, and hockey skates. The company is recognized globally for its extensive and diverse product range.

Powerslide also introduced a unique braking technique, enhancing the skating experience by enabling skaters to slow down stylishly and safely. 

Powerslide Skates Sizing and Global Presence

With a dedication to providing the best skating experience, Powerslide, entirely owned by skaters, has established a significant presence in the market. Known for their Urban Inline Skating products, they introduced the Powerslide Freestyle skates, featuring Trinity 3-point mounting and versatile wheel configurations, suitable for all ages. In 2004, the brand expanded its range to include freestyle and adjustable skates for aggressive and street skating, incorporating advanced features like width-adjustable brakes and universal brake systems. The Powerslide skate sizing chart, available on the company's website, ensures a perfect fit for every skater.

Accessibility of Powerslide Products

Powerslide’s products, including their acclaimed skates, are readily available through various retail channels. Skaters can purchase Powerslide skates from any Powerslide store, including the Powerslide Skates Poland branch, and other European outlets.

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