MICRO Skate MT4 - Lavender

MICRO Skate MT4 - Lavender

Brand:Micro skate

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Size: Skates
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The Micro MT4 Lavender represents a trendy and comfortable inline skate option suitable for urban activities and recreational purposes. Designed with a wide and durable polypropylene shell, this skate ensures an optimal fit for most foot sizes. The shell features removable and adjustable cuffs, allowing for customization according to individual preferences. Moreover, the skate is equipped with a generous number of side and bottom vents, facilitating adequate airflow to keep your feet dry while skating.

The MT4 Lavender boasts a dual-size liner that can be easily removed and washed for enhanced cleanliness. Beneath the liner, a shock-absorbing pad provides additional comfort during use. To secure the heel in place, the skate incorporates a 45-degree Hook & Loop strap. Additionally, a replaceable protector is situated on the side to safeguard the boot shell from unsightly scratches. The skate's smooth roll is ensured by the presence of four MT high-rebound wheels with ABEC5 bearings, mounted on a sturdy aluminum frame.

  • Wheels
    * 36-39 : 4x76mm * 39-45 : 4x80mm ; 85A Round profile Polyurethane Wheels
  • Liners / insoles
    Memory fit extendable liner
  • Shell
    High Resistant Wide Body Construction Polypropylene
  • Frame
    Casted Aluminum Frame
  • Bearing
  • Buckles
    Velcro strap
  • Other
  • Use
    City skating, recreational, freeride

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