MICRO Skate Mt-Plus - Sand White

MICRO Skate Mt-Plus - Sand White

Brand:Micro skate

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Size: Skates
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The MT Plus Budget All-Around Skate is the perfect skate for those on a budget who want quality and comfort. You won't believe how solid and supportive these skates feel, especially for their price range. Plus, they're fully customizable to meet your unique needs and preferences. You can change or buy all parts such as frames, top and low buckles, liners, screws, sliders, cuffs and etc to other colors or models.

These skates feature some amazing key features, including a high-resistant polypropylene shell and removable cuff, side and bottom vents to keep your feet cool and dry while you're skating, and a thick padding removable liner that's easy to clean. Plus, there's a shock-absorbing pad beneath the liner to provide extra comfort and protection from jumps.

These skates offer a medium-width fit with well-padded liners that will make you forget you're even wearing a budget skate.

The MT Plus skates are perfect for city, urban, park, and seafront skating. Whether you're looking for a recreational/leisure skate or a skate for city skating, these skates are versatile enough to meet your needs.

And with the comfortable and precise fit of the liner and the 45-degree ratchet buckle for heel-lock (which is uncommon for that price model), you'll love how these skates feel on your feet.

We can compare this model with FR Skates FRX 80 Black as our customers often think about which one to choose. Here you will have a lower price, only a flat frame (which means not for slalom, only for city and recreational), budget bearings Abec5, solid CNC 6005 Alu frame (FRX - not CNC), 45-degree buckle (instead of the strap in FRX).

Both models are great and most popular in our shop.

So why wait? Get your pair today and hit the pavement with confidence!

They fit true to size, medium width. Check the Micro size chart to see measurements in MM.

  • Wheels
    80MM / 85A Round profile Polyurethane Wheels. (In small size skate EU 34-38 you will have 76mm wheels)
  • Liners / insoles
    Perfect Thick Fitted Liners
  • Shell
    High Resistant Polypropylene
  • Frame
    6000 Series High-Quality Aluminum 243mm (or 231mm if size EU 34-38)
  • Bearing
  • Buckles
    Safety lock buckle and 45-degree ratchet low buckle
  • Other
    offered colors: Black, Red, Blue, Red, Cherry, Emerald green, Sand white, Violet
  • Use
    Freeride, recreational, city skating

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