FR Skates - FRXP 80 - Coral

FR Skates - FRXP 80 - Coral

Brand:FR Skates

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The FRXP Coral is a more affordable version of the popular FRX skate, featuring the same classic shell and liner but with a few differences. One of the main differences is the X-frame, which lacks a rockering system and uses double axles, but is still strong enough for urban skating. This makes the FRXP a great alternative for those who don't care about rockering but still want a reliable skate.

The skate comes with a cuff that is identical to the more expensive versions, but with rivets instead of standard screws. This may make the installation of custom kits a bit more challenging, but it can still be done with power tools. The FRXP Coral also includes a replaceable abrasive pad on the side to protect the boots during wheel slides.

The mount spacing is 165mm, making the boots compatible with most frames that use this standard, including tri skating ones. The anatomically shaped liner can be laced in the upper part to secure the foot in place. Boot tightening is composed of laces, a plastic buckle on the cuff, and a 45-degree ratchet buckle. This setup is slightly different than the regular FRX, which comes with a 45-degree Velcro strap.

The FRXP Coral comes with a 243mm X-frame, complete with Street Kings wheels and ABEC7 bearings. This setup is versatile, reliable, and agile, making it ideal for urban skating. While the frame lacks the versatility of the rockerable X2R counterpart, it is still a solid choice for urban skating.

Overall, the FRXP is an excellent choice for those who are just starting out with skating or are looking for a more affordable option. With its reliable construction and smart part selection, the FRXP is a solid alternative to the well-known FRX skate.

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