FR SKATES - FR3 80 - Black

FR SKATES - FR3 80 - Black

Brand:FR Skates

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Fit Guidelines: Some break-in required. Should feel very snug out of box, and then form fit after break-in. If having a wide foot or focused more on comfort than response, order 1/2 size larger.
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For over a decade, the FR line skates have led the urban skate technology space, and they continue to surpass the vast majority of competitors. The FRX model, introduced several years after the FR1 and FR2, has become an industry benchmark for budget-friendly freeskate models. The FR3, a relatively new addition, can be considered an enhanced version of the FRX, featuring minor upgrades for skaters willing to invest a bit more upfront rather than upgrading parts later.

These skates boast a sturdy hardboot constructed from long-lasting materials and equipped with numerous convenient features that are highly valued by skaters worldwide. The shell features a more open cut than typical skates, improving comfort, particularly for those with a high instep.

Beginning at the top of the skate, the FR3 80 Black shares the same cuff as the more expensive models, but utilizes standard screws for attachment instead of a canting system. However, this should not be considered a drawback, as very few skates offer a canting feature. FR skates were among the first to introduce a replaceable abrasive pad on the side, sometimes called a "slider," which prolongs the boots' lifespan by protecting them during wheel slides or shuffles. This component is also present in this version.

Other notable elements include metal blocks embedded in the shell material instead of traditional mounting points. Each block contains seven threaded holes for screws, allowing for frame position adjustments. Additionally, these blocks reinforce the frame and boot connection, enhancing rigidity and significantly improving energy transfer. The mount spacing is 165mm, and the boots are compatible with most frames using this standard, including triskating frames, which are easier to attach due to a unique wheel well next to the front mounting point that accommodates larger wheels.

Inside the shell lies a comfortable, anatomically shaped liner that can be laced at the top to secure the foot in place. A shock absorber beneath the liner makes skating more comfortable and reduces the impact of landings. Boot tightening consists of laces, a plastic buckle on the cuff, and a 45-degree ratchet buckle on the shell. The only difference between the FRX and FR3 is the replacement of the Velcro strap with a ratchet buckle, the same one used on the FR1, allowing for quicker and simpler skate tightening.

The skate is equipped with a new X2R frame, measuring 243mm in length, and comes with Street Kings wheels and Twincam MW7 Freeride bearings. This combination creates a versatile, dependable, and agile setup that excels in urban environments. Furthermore, the X2R frame features a rockering system, allowing for the outer axles to be tilted upward, creating a full rocker ("banana") configuration typically used for freestyle slalom. The 4x80mm setup is a classic among freeskates and is perfect for jumps and slides.

The FR3 80 Black is an ideal blend of versatility, proven design, quality, and affordability, making it an excellent choice for those starting in freestyle and urban skating. Although some cost-cutting measures were taken to achieve a lower price point, it was done intelligently, without sacrificing the skate's functionality.

The FR3 80 Black is equipped with components that are more modest in comparison to the FR1 and FR2. Stock parts, which are still appropriate for everyday use, replace the wheels, bearings, frame, and 45-degree ratchet. Instead of multi-positional cuff hardware, simple screws are used. Despite these differences, the frame remains rockerable, maintaining its versatility.

  • Wheels
    FR Street kings Black Wheels 80mm/85A
  • Liners / insoles
    Drylex Memory Foam Liner
  • Shell
    Plastic Shell/Cuff; 2x7 Holes Energy plates for power transfer and custom mounting
  • Frame
    X2R 243mm / Axles 8mm (in this frame you can put 1 and 4 wheels up on 2mm if you will skate slalom).
  • Bearing
    Bearings FR Twincam MW7 Freeride
  • Buckles
    Composite heel Buckle
  • Other
  • Use
    Use: freeride, city skating, freestyle, recreational

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