FR SKATES - FR2 310 - Black

FR SKATES - FR2 310 - Black

Brand:FR Skates

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Size: Skates
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The FR2 310 skate is a cost-effective alternative to the FR1 model, offering similar features with only minor differences. As an added bonus, it comes with a frame that provides more options compared to its pricier counterpart.

Starting from the top, the FR2 310 model boasts a cuff with the most advanced canting system in the industry. This system allows for 16 different cuff positions, helping to address pronation or supination issues or simply allowing users to adjust the cuff height. FR Skates was one of the first to introduce a replaceable abrasive pad on the side, known as a "slider," which protects the boots during wheel slides (shuffles). Naturally, this feature is present in the current FR2 edition as well.

Other distinctive elements include metal blocks embedded in the shell material instead of traditional mounting points. Each block features 7 threaded holes for screws, enabling frame position adjustments. Additionally, these blocks reinforce the connection between the frame and boot, increasing rigidity and significantly improving energy transfer. The mount spacing is 165mm, making the boots compatible with most frames that adhere to this standard, including triskating frames that are easier to attach thanks to a special wheel well adjacent to the front mounting point, providing more room for larger wheels.

Inside the shell, you'll find a comfortable, anatomically shaped liner that can be laced in the upper part to secure the foot in place. Beneath the liner, a shock absorber enhances skating comfort and reduces the impact of landings. Boot tightening is achieved through laces, a plastic buckle on the cuff, and a 45-degree ratchet buckle on the shell. The rigid and proven boot design is an ideal match for the higher 3x110mm frame, as it provides crucial ankle support.

The skate comes with the new R2 frame, measuring 246mm in length, and is equipped with 110mm Seba Downtown wheels and Twincam MW7 Freeride bearings. The added stability of the longer frame makes the FR2 310 an excellent choice for cruising, allowing for stronger pushes and higher speeds compared to the more freestyle-oriented 3x110mm versions of the FR1, FR3, and FRX. At the same time, the 246mm length is still short enough to ensure easy turning without any issues.

The FR2 310 stands out among other triskating FR models, offering a unique flavor. If you prefer frames that are not excessively short but still want a 3x110 setup and don't wish to opt for the 3x125mm FR1 model, then these skates are perfect for you. Highly recommended for fast urban cruising, as well as jumps and slides, the FR2 310 is a winner for both beginner and advanced skaters alike.

  • Wheels
    FR Downtown Wheels Size 110mm/85A
  • Liners / insoles
    Drylex Memory Foam Liner
  • Shell
    Plastic Shell/Cuff + Cuff buttons adjustable in 4 positions
  • Frame
    R2 frames 246mm (3x110)
  • Buckles
    Composite safety top buckle and 45-degree FR logo ratchet strap
  • Other
  • Use
    Freeride, city skating, cruising
  • Fit Guidelines: Some break-in required. Should feel very snug out of box, and then form fit after break-in. If having a wide foot or focused more on comfort than response, order 1/2 size larger. 
  • Sizing Guidelines: FR SIZE CHART

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