FR SKATES - FR1 80 - Light Blue

FR SKATES - FR1 80 - Light Blue

Brand:FR Skates

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FR1 skates have dominated the urban skate technology scene for over a decade, consistently surpassing the competition. With a 17-year history, the FR1 80 is one of the most renowned freeskates in history and remains a popular choice today. Its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

The FR1 80 Skates in Light Blue color, renowned for their quality and performance, have been reintroduced with an updated design.

In the 2023 model, we see an improvement with the addition of a new and improved 45-degree ratchet buckle. This buckle is more durable than the previous "spider" buckle, which had a tendency to break one of the two buttons.

The FR Skates brand has included mounting blocks that offer seven different frame mounting positions, allowing for better customization and control while free skating.

The skate also features Street Invader 2nd edition wheels, known Twincam Titalium Bearings, 6005 extruded aluminum frames FR 4D, four cuff positions, a metal plate, and a 45-degree buckle shaped in the FR logo. This combination provides a highly supportive and responsive ride.

Additionally, the heavily padded liners are removable and fit snugly to prevent unwanted movement or energy loss.

These shells are also compatible with three-wheel frames for fast urban skating - 3x125 and 3x110.
The FR SKATES brand, founded by Sebastien Laffargue, incorporates his powerful innovations and quality control gained from his extensive experience with the well-known SEBA brand.

Recommended for anyone who values a proven design, easy adjustment, abundant customization options, and reliable, universal equipment for urban skating, the FR1 skates have been a workhorse of the Seba brand and continue to serve the same role in the more streamlined FR Skates collection. These skates are reliable and offer great quality and features for your money.

  • Wheels
    Street Invaders II, 80mm/84A
  • Liners / insoles
    Removable Drylex Memory Foam Liner / FR Premium insoles / Soft Heel Pads for Shock Absorption
  • Shell
    Plastic shell
  • Frame
    FR 4D Frame 243mm / Steel race axles 8mm
  • Bearing
    FR Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride
  • Buckles
    FK Metal top Buckle and 45-degree Double strap
  • Other
    2x7 Holes Energy plates for power transfer and custom frame mounting
  • Use
    Freeride, city skating, freestyle
  • Fit Guidelines: Some break-in required. Should feel very snug out of box, and then form fit after break-in. If having a wide foot or focused more on comfort than response, order 1/2 size larger. 
  • Sizing Guidelines: FR SIZE CHART

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